We are hiring

We are always looking for creative and talented individuals with a high sprite and team work abilities. 

If you are an expert in these fields, feel free to send us your resume

Social media manager

* + 2 years work experience
* Creative
* Common Knowledge of social media algorithms
* preferred women
* Full time
* Internship is also available

Camera Man

* +3 years experience
* Expert in cinematography
* Skilled crane operator
* Full time and part time
* Work samples are necessary when applying
* Gears are provided by us


* +2 years experience
* Equipped with camera and lens
* Skilled in editing images with Photoshop and Lightroom
* Team work sprit
* Full time and part time
* Creative and talented

Content Strategist

* Some one who can strategies content calendars and come up with creative content ideas
* A searcher who will search and benchmark every idea
* Creative and talented
* Internship is also available