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Our social media management team has years of agency and in-house experience, managing social media for a huge range of brands from all sectors. We’ll help plan out engaging content whilst growing and nurturing your audience, turning your followers into loyal brand ambassadors. We’re fiercely proud of our knowledge and experience of social media, having worked in this fast-paced industry across a huge number of accounts. If there’s a trick of the trade, we know it. We guarantee you won’t find a social media team like us.

What is Social Media Marketing?

These days social media marketing is the most effective and efficient way of marketing your business to potential audiences. With social media it`s much easier to target your potential customers with various and effective contents. however with this channel getting more and more populated over the recent years, it’s up to your social media marketing team and their strategy to find a way to attract audiences organically. 

We at anar studio provided businesses with a social media marketing strategy and all the tools to make that strategy a reality.


How Can a it benefit Your Business?

There is a KPI in marketing which we believe could be the answer to most question: ROI : Return Of Investment. how much money you are spending to gain new customers is the key indicator that needs to be tracked and analyzed.

With social media , the ROI is much more efficient, you are spending less money and gaining more customers. 

Social Media Management Feature

Our social media management service is packed full of features. Here’s some more info on why you should choose ANAR STUDIO to spruce up your socials and bring some fire to that feed.

Content Strategy

Social media's it's algorithm which favors some contents over other contents, your brand also has it's identity and guidelines. we are best when it comes to generating content ideas which will both follow your brand guidelines and favor social media.

Content Calendor

No social media marketing will prevail if it does not have a content calendar. we provide content calendar which includes all the post and stories that we are going to share prior of time (usually 2 weeks). Our content calendar also check all important dates.

Page Growth

We have proven our expertise in page growth on every single project that we landed. With our strategy and our campaigns we gain organic followers on a monthly basis. with influencer marketing and dedicated strategy we guarantee 5000 follower per month.

Dedicated Manager

Every social media that we manage has a dedicated social media manager which will sleep, wake up and eats along your social media. it's our job to answer your directs and comments as soon as possible and also manage sharing post and stories. you don't have to think about your social media ever.

Influencer Marketing

Believe it or not, Influencer marketing world is full of false information and fraud. however with a perfect plan and analyzing influencer pages you can choose the best influencer to promote your business, We have a strategy for every single influencer campaign, and we create contents too.

Organic Reach

When it comes to social media, organic reach is the most important insight that you need to think about and track. it's also hard because social media is getting more crowded every day. However we have a record of 10X organic reach in compare to followers.

Organic Reach Done Right

Instagram insight gives you just the perfect data to track your campaigns and strategies. as shown in the image most of monthly reach comes from explore aka organic reach, with these people finding us on their own we are raising brand awareness free of cost. 

We at Anar studio pay a lot of attention to organic reach and have specific strategies to raise it as much as possible

Get the Full Experience

Our all-encompassing social media management package is tried and tested – we’re sure you’ll love it. Here’s what to expect when you sign up with DMT:

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